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GenuineGlow : Nurturing Authentic Confidence

23.03.2024. 2-5 PM. Join​ us here. Limited Slots!

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Children Workshop - School Holiday Program

Book​ your tickets here!

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Have you ever wondered...

- What does it take to build my signature style? 

- How can I create a great first impression on every occasion?

- How can I project a credible and professional image at work?

- How can I be more confident? 

If you do, join me in this 3-hour Elevate Your Style & Confidence at Work Workshop. This workshop is designed to help you discover your unique style & personal grooming routine, making you feel more comfortable and self-assured at work (and, of course, in life!). 

Also, get ready to learn great tips on body language, presence, and how to exude confidence through non-verbal cues. 

​Learn more about the workshop and book your ticket HERE

Smoothie Masterclass

There is a lot more to learn about smoothies and it's not just "putting your favorite fruits and blending it all together". I made some mistakes when making mine and the moment I knew how to improve it, it was such an A-ha! moment for me!


Join me in this Smoothie Masterclass in which you will learn how to make the perfect smoothie that is packed with nutrition and fuel you for the rest of the day! 

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