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Real confidence comes from knowing and accepting yourself - your strengths and your limitations - in contrast to depending on affirmation from others. 

FLOURISH Coaching is a program that creates a beautiful space for your transformation from the inside out. The program is conducted based on a proven framework that focuses on the 3Cs aspect - Communication, Connection and Charisma.

Smiling Woman

Welcome to the Flourish coaching program, a transformative journey designed exclusively for women. Are you tired of feeling insecure, lacking clarity in your career, and holding back in being your authentic self in your relationship? It's time to break free from those limitations and embrace a life of confidence, fulfillment, and authenticity.


Imagine a life where you wake up every morning feeling self-assured, knowing exactly what you want to achieve and how to make it happen. Picture yourself confidently expressing your true self in life, career and relationships, without fear or hesitation.

Are you ready to Connect with Authenticity, Communicate with Power, and Present Yourself with Charisma?

At the Flourish Coaching program, we celebrate energy harmony and the beautiful blend of Yin & Yang. Feminine Energy allows us to lean into our natural power of ease, flow, and nurturing, while cultivating Masculine Energy helps us feel more confident, focused, and expansive. Yes! We are whole, happy, and confident when we own the secret of energy balance and turn it into our unique power.

At the end of the program, you will go FROM feeling insecure, anxious, & lacking confidence TO:

  • Gaining clarity about your goals & life direction.

  • Building a solid system that helps you stay committed to your vision & take consistent actions.

  • Exuding confidence with your Visual & Vocal Image.

  • Building a strong personal style that looks good and feels good.

  • Mastering an effective communication style that advances your career, wins hearts, & builds connections.

  • Regaining your Authentic Confidence & living life to the fullest!

Yes, I am ready to to make a change! 

We will be working together on a 1:1 coaching program in which I will be walking you through these 4 stages of transformation .

​Program Duration: 4 months (10 sessions)

Stage 1 - Nourish 

  • Reconnect with your Authenticity & celebrate your Flawsome

  • Nourish your harmonious Feminine & Masculine Energy

  • Establish the Triangle of Self - Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance & Self-Love

  • Own your dreams & create your Vision Board

  • Set clear goals, take mini actions & find direction

Stage 2 - Glow*

  • Identify your seasonal color (12-season system) & your best colors

  • Understand how colour impacts your mood & appearance 

  • Determine your body shape and personal style preferences 

  • Building your capsule wardrobe

​*If you are only interested in Glow work, check out our Colour & Style Consultation package.


Stage 3 - Master & Exude

  • Confident Communication: Speak with conviction and captivate any audience.

  • Masterful Articulation: Express your ideas with clarity and precision.

  • Dynamic Body Language: Command attention and forge deeper connections with your presence.

  • Influence with Impact: Persuade and inspire others with your compelling communication style.

  • Leadership Charisma: Lead with charisma and inspire greatness in others.

  • Personal Growth Acceleration: Unleash your full potential and thrive in every aspect of your life.

Stage 4 - Transform

  • Understand the powerful connection between Warth & Likeability

  • Build your Authentic Charisma

  • Get ready for long-term Success & unlock secrets to Authentic Confidence


How does it work?

​What's it included?


  • Eight  (8) 60-minute Zoom Coaching sessions on a bi-weekly basis

  • Two (2) Hands-on session (2 hours each) 

  • Direct Access to get my support (Email, WhatsApp) 

  • Weekly Video Messages on Communication, Connection & Appearance

  • Exclusive invite to my quarterly masterclass (only to Flourish Coaching clients) 

  • Colour & Style Consultation 

  • Personalised Colour & Style Profile 

  • ColourSmart workbook 

  • Flourishing Coaching workbook 

  • Personalised Colour Wallet



Vrinda, India

Tiffany is a great coach! She created a safe space for me to open up and feel comfortable doing that. She is a great listener and has a talent to guide into the root cause of my problem very naturally. She was warm, commited, positive and felt easily to connect with - loved it, just what I needed!

Jessie, Korea

The session with Tiffany was comfortable and allowed me to open up more freely. Her skilful questioning helped me delve into the root of my feelings and current struggles. Her advice to be mindful and gentle with my emotions when facing changes is genuinely valuable to me. It really helps protecting me from draining my energy unnecessarily. Thank you, Tiffany! 

Lynn, Singapore

One of the best things that happened to me this year is to chance upon Tiffany's Flourish Program. I wish I have found Tiffany's Program much earlier. 

Through this coaching program, I have gained so much clarify in finding myself and honestly gained so much more that I never thought I will.

I can now better manage my emotion and learnt to look at things in a totally different light which makes me such a happier, healthier and a much more confident woman.

If this sounds like something that you are looking for, I would love to

know you better and how I can support you in your personal development journey.

Breakthrough Call is a 60-minute no-string-attached strategy call

that allows you to gain clarity on 3 things 

1. Where you are currently at (point A)

2. Where you want to be (point B)

3. How you can go from point A to point B

​At the end of the call, if you find this program is not a good fit, I am

more than happy to share other suitable resources with you.

Schedule a time for us and speak soon! 

For our Free Breakthrough Call, please choose your timing in the form below!

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