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School Holiday Program (November/December 2023)

Dining Etiquette - Give Your Child the Gift of Graceful Dining (5-13 years old)

Meal is provided.

Do you want to teach your children essential dining skills to help them feel confident and at ease in any dining situation? Our dining etiquette workshop for children is the perfect opportunity! At the workshop, your child will learn:

- Proper use of utensils

- How to set a table

- How to order at a restaurant

- Etiquette for a formal occasion

- And much more!

Confidence Boosters (5-13 years old)

This workshop is specially designed to help children develop social skills in a fun and engaging way. The interactive workshop will include engaging activities such as role-playing exercises and team-building games. Children will learn about -

- The importance of using good manners and communicating with confidence

- Practical skills in a social context

- How to make a positive first impression and how to project confidence through their body language and tone of voice

Speak Up Stars: Building Confident Communicators (8-13 years old) 

Unlock the power of effective communication and watch your child's confidence soar! Our “Speak Up Stars: Building Confident Communicators (8-13 years old)” workshop is tailored for provide children with essential skills to become articulate, empathetic, and confident communicators in today's dynamic world.

In this exciting and interactive workshop, children will learn, practice & master the following skills - 

The Art of Conversation

Sharpening Listening Skills

Giving Compliments and Practicing Positive Language

Netiquette - Navigating the Digital World with Grace

Whatsapp us at +65 8448 6659 (Tiffany) or email to for further inquiries or to sign u​p.

Check out the Full Schedule below.

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